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A Vision To Freedom
by Taurea Vision Avant
Are you and entrepreneur? Do you aspire to be one? Do you feel stuck in your business? 

Freedom... What does it mean to you? Do you know how to get it? Have you made a decision that you are tired of not being able to do what you truly want to do? Then this book is a must read.

The principles in, “A Vision to Freedom”, took the author, Taurea V. Avant, from Foreclosure to Wealth beyond her wildest dreams. As a young woman, she always knew that she wanted to be in control of her life. She was troubled by not being able to keep a job for more than a year due to the changes in the economy, but today she has the luxury of truly living the life of leisure and to travel to places she never imagined. 

A Vision to Freedom” includes tips on how to:  
  • Control your Finances  
  •  Generate Multiple Streams of Income  
  •  Control your Fears  
  •  Grow & Groom your Vision to Success  
  •  And More!!!
Taurea believes in these principles so much that she is willing to give you a life-time money back guarantee on the purchase of this book. She most definitely looks forward to the day she receives your call, email, letter or in person testimony on how these principles have changed your life. She most definitely wants to celebrate your freedom with you!
About the Author
Taurea Vision Avant
Author, Business Accelerator and International Speaker

Impacting the lives of business owners independent distributors in mind body and soul. 

Taurea went from Foreclosure in 2009 to producing millions in sales in the home based business industry. She is the creator of The System Mastery and Show Your Success Workshops, and 6 Time Author of books on personal self-development, education and more. Her major focus is to show entrepreneurs how to build multiple streams of income in their current businesses She has been seen on Fox News, CBS News, ABC News, Sheen Magazine, Successful Women Radio Show, IHeartRadio and more! 

Taurea’s focus is on helping small-based business owners & independent distributors to develop, master, and remain committed to growing their businesses by providing valuable leadership and interpersonal skills. She offers timeless tips that support in real world interactions and discoveries on what it takes to be successful in today’s entrepreneurial world. She is a living example of creating a lifetime career and wants to help you get prepared for the journey. She knows what it takes to break through a multitude of challenges and focus on the future.
Taurea Vision Avant
What People Say
We all have dreams but usually we have a difficulty to bridge a gap between reality we wish to improve and dreams we want to achieve. This book in my opinion fills this gap. You can find in this book a lot of common sense and wisdom of the ages. If you read ‘’Keys to Success’’ by B.C.Forbes,books like ‘’What to say when you talk to yourself’ ’Low of attraction’ ’The seven habits of highly effective people’ ’The four agreements’’, The power of subconscious mind’’, As a man thinketh’’,’’Think and grow rich’’,’’ The science of getting rich’’,’’ Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz’’,‘’Go pro’’, seminars and books: Zig Ziglar,Anthony Robbins, Bob Proctor,Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Wayne Dyer and many others, you will see influence on thoughts and writing of Taurea Avant. This is easy to read, practical book to achieve your dreams by controlling your thoughts, use theater of mind and power of visualizations to reach your goals, take control of your finances ,take action, find mentor, overcome fears, work on personal development, be positive, think from beginning with the END in mind on the journey toward your goal, stay patient in the process and never give up.
I love this book and I’ll recommend to my friends. I bought kindle version and paperback but I was disappointed when I couldn’t find audio version on AUDIBLE.

Yolanda Bingham

If you are debating on buying this book. Stop debating and buy it. This book is totally life changing, it transformed my life just after a few chapters. I am more focused, and goal oriented now than I was before. I can finally see myself heading for my own definition of freedom.

James & Natasha Roach

Authors, Entrepreneurial Couple, Public Speakers
We are strong believers that WE ONLY GET WHAT WE PICTURE out of life. Mrs Roach and I also know the power of Vision and the endless possibilities from having one. A Vision to FREEDOM is a must read for the simple fact that the information within will Guide, Grow & Groom your vision. Thank you Ms Taurea Avant for this amazing book. - Mr & Mrs Roach
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Everyone who pre-orders gets their name, business name and website included in the recommendations book. 
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I offer this awesome book in different Types.
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