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In today's world the chances of someone of going online and finding something new and improved are almost 10 our 10. Yes thats right everyday something is out there the is better, quicker, smaller, larger, etc etc. The truth is this, social media and the world wide web have made it much harder to just follow the old techniques of marketing yourself as a business owner! 

If you are not separating yourself, then you are simply falling in line! In this book, you are going to learn 4 vehicles or tools that EVERY BUSINESS OWNER & even those who wish to ADVANCE UP THE CORPORATE LADDER should have. This book is guaranteed to give you better insight and get you started on the RIGHT PATH TO INCREASED BOTTOM LINES!
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  • 80,000,000 in MLM – Direct Selling News
  • 235 million companies across 200 countries worldwide (Dun & Bradstreet in 2013)
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meet the woman behind the book
Taurea Vision Avant
Taurea Vision Avant is an Author, International Speaker and Business "Stand-Out& Resource" Coach. She started her journey as an entrepreneur back in1999 but wasn't able to obtain success until 2007. She learned that in order to succeed in business, you wanted to have a system, mentorship and a product that the marketplace wants. As a speaker she has been able to speak in front of more than 10,000 people in one setting and in multiple countries. She learned in life that its not how you start but ultimately what you do to finish strong.
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Review By Mike Smith
I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like this workbook. It's SUPER, SUPER cool and the more I read it the more I want to read it again! In fact, I am going to start reading it again RIGHT NOW!!!
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Review By Tiffany Johnson
Oh yes!!! I'm pretty sure this is the greatest workbook of all time! There is just NO OTHER WORKBOOK that is even half this cool. I promise...

Without putting a plan in writing towards a specific product, it will never get completed! I have learned so much from Taurea, but this book has helped me in completing my plans and staying organized!

I am happy and grateful to have been apart of your Show your Success Workshop and to purchase the book along with the class...All I can say is WOW!!! It has help me so much in my new book ventures and Ideas. I Am in process to implement  what I learned from this book. It's given me a clear roadmap.I feel so bless because I learn so much from your Workbook/Journal. If we follow your proving system you laid out in the book with step by step action...We can succeed . We can create a book in 30 days!  Amazing Excellent Book!! YOU MUST INVEST IN IT . IT WILL CHANGE YOU!!!   God Bless You!

"The Show your success workbook really broke everything down for me, and gave me the perfect guideline to get my topics organized, and get me started on my writing journey quickly. She also gives you pointers to get you thinking and creating more content for your chapters. Get it today!"

Makeda Benjamin

This workbook/journal and the Show Your Success Workshop in Tampa, FL  was INCREDIBLE! So glad I made the investment, because it helped me complete my first published book in less than 30 days! Thank you so much Taurea Vision Avant!!

What's inside the book •
Sample Pages •
This book is going to absolutely allow you to get started on the path to becoming a true rockstar in your business and even in your career. 
The top four most important things that you will learn:
  • Top 5 social media websites with EXCLUSIVE training on each one of them.  Also included is a list of top tools to use with your social media GUARANTEED to make you a rockstar! 
  • 7 Reasons Why Every Business Owner Should Write a Book which will allow you to turn your book into a business. 
  • Public Speaking Tips Every Business Owner Should Know that will allow you to become a top employee or business owner. 
  • 7 Things Every Website Should Have to getting your website to stand out and get noticed. 
Page 5. On this page, I tell you about 5 tools that will make you a ROCKSTAR and increase your profits!
Page 24. On this page, I will tell you how to truly have a website that grabs the attention of your visitors.
Page 17. On this page, I tell you about why you as a business owner should write a book.
Page 20. On this page, I will tell you why Public Speaking is essential for business growth.
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